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The Ultimate Touring Shower

The GLIND Cape York Kit

with the GLIND Stainless Steel Sand Filter

This is not a toy; it is a high quality product using quality components designed to
perform over and over again in the harshest of conditions. There are cheaper imitations out there, but this is the original and best still performing having proven itself for more than 35 years.

Click here to see the Cape York kit and Sand Filter in action

Freight Australia Wide and Internationally available. Contact us for a quote

For International enquiries, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our overseas stockists where possible.

A truly portable, travel anywhere pressurised camping shower system

and you can vary the flow and pressure of your Cape York.

The pumps open flow is a whopping 11 l/min and

the cut out pressure is a massive 50 psi, you choose by adjusting the flow rate at the shower head.

If you intend to use this product with a Glind heat exchanger, please let us know at the time of ordering so extra couplings can be added to the order to facilitate connection to your unit.

When you need a shower while camping 4WDing or boating, or need pressurised water in a camp kitchen, or need water to clean fish or wash the dog, or fill water containers or the water tank of your camper trailer, or hose out the boat when you’re on Fraser, this compact unit is built with top quality components including the super efficient and ultra reliable Flojet pressure pump, and it is all housed in a rugged tough case.

You can match the Cape York kit with a Glind heat exchanger for hot water, or heat water in a drum over a fire or have a cold shower like we do in the tropics. A Glind Stainless Steel Sand Filter is included so you can travel anywhere and draw water from the sandiest, saltiest of environments.

It is perfectly suited to pumping from drums, buckets, jerry cans or on board water tanks, but the 11 l/min model has the grunt you need if you intend on pumping from rivers or creek or a water table below the sand.

With awesome flow and pressure, the Glind Cape York kit is one of the most reliable, toughest camping, boating or 4WDing accessories you can buy.


Voltage/Current         12V DC, 5.2 amps – use a 10 amp fuse

Liquid temp                 up to 60’C maximum 

Pressure                      50 psi shut off

Flow rate                    11 l/min maximum

Suction capacity         Vertical lift, 2.0m (6.0 ft)  + as far again above pump

Suction hose                2.0m (6.0ft) of ½”  hose supplied, max is 10.0m (30.0 ft)

Delivery hose              3.0m (15.0ft) of ½” hose supplied which is the maximum length

Power cable                3.0m (9.0ft) twin core flex with inline fuse holder with alligator clamps

Case dimensions         350mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 150mm (H)

Important safety Instructions

Do not use system to pump petrol or flammable liquids, this is only to be used to pump water.

Do not leave appliance with power cable connected, disconnect when not in use

Never submerse the box and pump in water, never spray water in box or operate in the rain. This will cause electrical failure and void warranty. Always keep system dry

The flow rate at the shower head is adjustable. The pump will shut off if the shower head flow valve is fully shut off. The pump will reactivate once the flow valve on the shower head is re-opened

If appliance is to be used where fine beach sand may enter pump, use our Stainless Steel Sand Filter which is available from GLIND WATER HEATERS and PUMPS

Do not use without inline filter in place

Discharge residual pressure and water from appliance when not in use. The pump is designed to be run dry for short periods

When not in use, leave safety case open to air out and dry

Do not attempt to disassemble this product

Always use the recommended fuse for the 12 V appliance

Any misuse of this product in any way will void the 12 month warranty

                      THE SPACE SAVING


Fitting and operating notes for connecting the Glind Cape York kit and the Glind Automotive Heat Exchanger

Fitting Notes

  • Insert Glind Heat Exchanger into coolant feed line and secure.
    Note: Coolant MUST flow in the opposite direction to the fresh water
  • There are connectors in the Cape York shower hose
  • These can be separated by sliding back the collar of the female connector and removing the male joiner
  • Fittings to the Glind Heat Exchanger can be placed anywhere externally or in an easily accessible place in the engine bay
  • Ensure male connector is on the Glind Heat Exchanger freshwater feed side and the female on the shower outlet side.
    This provides the correct direction of flow

Sketch of how it works


Freight Australia Wide and Internationally available. Contact us for a quote

For International enquiries, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our overseas stockists where possible.


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