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Mc Cormacks 4WD

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From the archives - The legendary Malcolm Douglas Malcolm Douglas Glind 1989 - YouTube


Our recommended installation partners for fitting a Glind to your vehicle:

Brisbane Northside (Sandgate) - Mc Cormacks 4WD

Momentum Mobile Mechanics
0414 669 277
Based in Moggill servicing Brisbane Westside

Any 4WD workshop or mechanic should be able to assist with installation.


Caravan/Camper & RV Partners:

Australian Off Road Campers

Bushtracker Caravans

Trakka Campervan and Motorhomes


Marine Partners:

Victorian Marine Technology - Victorian Marine Technology Pty Ltd

Whittley Boats

Whitworths Marine and Leisure


Overseas Partners:

USA - Glind USA GLIND Hot Shower

France - OUTBACK IMPORT Outback Import SAS (

France - RLC DIFFUSION 4x4

United Kingdom - LVB Overland HOME (

South Africa - Welcome (

Japan - New Japan Yacht Co Ltd


To find out more about how heat exchangers work, click on this link:

Heat Exchangers & how they work