Company Profile

The super efficient Glind Aussie made heat exchange system has benefited thousands of families and individuals worldwide by making available hot or cold water at remote locations. A lot of time (over 30 years in fact) has been taken in making and re-making the Glind heat exchanger tough enough to withstand the harsh Australian outback.

The company has been trading since 1987 and in over 30 years of trading, customers have purchased almost 30,000 units. In that time the company has built an enviable record for quality and service.

Glind products are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards. In fact telecommunications giant Telecom (now Telstra) commissioned Glind to supply hot water systems to part of their fleet, and when Toyota Australia tested the system at their Taren Point facility near Sydney, all of these vehicles retained full manufacturers warranty.

When you purchase a Glind product, you know you are buying quality and peace of mind.

Glind holds a current Australian Department of Defence Manufacturers Code and has Supplied the Royal Australian Air Force with our units. National Parks and Wildlife Services and Fisheries Departments use the Glind systems as part of their operations.

Patents have been granted for Australia, USA and Canada.

Glind has exported units to Japan for over 15 years and continues to do so.

Glind has been supplying marine heat exchangers to Whittley Cruisers since the early 2000's. Glind is proud to be associated with the Whittley Cruiser 660 which was awarded the AMIF Boat of the Year Award 2003 and the 2600 Sports Cabriolet built by Powercat Marine which was awarded the AMIF Boat of the Year Award 2004 and in 2005 the Whittley 700 stern drive.

Since going live on the World Wide Web, Glind units have been sent to all corners of the globe, that's how good the Glind name and its reputation is.

Well known Australian Television presenter and Motoring Journalist, Peter Wherrett, subjected the Glind Aussie Car and Boat Shower to more bulldust and heat than most people would encounter in a life time of travel. He had this to say of the Glind system:

"The Glind Aussie Shower accompanied my wife and myself on our 13 month research and mapping trip of Australia's outback four wheel drive tracks, over 88 000 kilometers of hard won information. It was comforting and relaxing to know that we always had a hot shower available, For both of us it was more than a luxury, it kept us sane. "

The Glind Hot Water System

"Travel anywhere with instant Hot Water, from your 4WD, motorhome or boat". With the Glind heat exchanger, you can have it all, or the DIY in you can convert the existing gas or tank type system into an enviromentally friendly "heat on the move" system when the Glind heat exchanger is coupled to a Booster Pump (see Products/Pumps section).

Pressursed hot or cold water. GLIND WATER HEATERS AND PUMPS guarantees the luxury of a refreshing hot or cold shower where you are... the outback, the beach, camping or touring. use salt or fresh water water, straight from river, creek, dam, lake,sea on board tank or water container.

Shower suitable for use on 4, 6, and 8 cylinder petrol and diesel engines, the family car, 4WDs, trucks, buses, inboard boat motors, motorhomes, camper vans, gen sets, etc, you name it.

  • Great for that refreshing hot shower or hot water at the sink.
  • Heat water on the run (see Products page/Booster Pump)
  • Easy to install (see Instructions page)
  • Great for camping, touring, yachting, boating, washing up or washing the dog, hot water anywhere, just imagine...