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We are often asked, what is the difference between the Glind and other systems? If you appreciate the best quality your money can buy, then you will also regard the Glind as the benchmark in engine driven, heat exchanger hot water systems .

So why is the Glind system better?

All vehicle-mounted hot water services rely on two main components. The water pump, which supplies and delivers the shower supply, and the heat exchanger, the device that makes the cold water hot.

First let's look at the water pumps. Glind uses only marine grade Flojet pumps in all of its systems. These pumps have stainless steel bolts and screws in the wet end of the pump, whereas most other systems use RV grade pumps. These pumps are designed for fresh water use in the caravan industry and often do not have stainless steel components in the wet end.

This is critical when using water from the beach, salty bores or even the sea. It is not always possible to obtain water from the mains, hence the Glind systems are built for worst case scenarios.

Secondly, the heat exchanger of the Glind varies greatly from the rest. To the uninitiated, some look similar, however on closer inspection, you will notice that the Glind has 6 securing bolts joining the halves, the competition only has 4.

The Glind uses 6 strengthening ribs externally whereas a competitor uses only 4. This is also vital due to the rough roads and other terrain encountered where strength is all-important.

Not only ribs and bolts, but also a ferrule must join the 2 halves of the heat exchangers in the centre. The Glind unit has an over sized ferrule that is recessed and is enhanced by 2 x 3/16" viton o-rings. This concept was added to all Glind heat exchangers 3 years ago, and this now makes it the strongest model we have ever made.

The major difference between the Glind and other units is the brass fittings and the size of the coolant ports on the heat exchangers. The Glind heat exchangers use all DR brass fittings, which are designed for hot salt-water use. The competition uses plain brass.

The ports on the Glind heat exchanger are threaded 3/8" BSP which gives a nominal bore of 12.1mm whereas the competition ports are only 1/4" BSP, giving a nominal bore of only 9.8mm. This gives the Glind an increased cross sectional coolant flow area of almost 35%. Impressive!

This is vitally important where the coolant flow must be running at its most efficient in order to obtain maximum heat transfer and maintain the right coolant flow and pressure in engines.

The Glind is the easiest system to fit due to its extra mounting lugs which gives the user 8 different options. Specific brackets for common vehicles, (that you can make or we can supply), are also available.

Another competitor uses a full copper heat exchanger. This idea works well, however in the past the copper disc baffles required to ensure correct coolant flow, can rub on the outer housing and cause the heat exchanger to leak and result in engine failure.

Also, due to the large surace area of copper used in this type of heat exchanger, sacrificial anodes MUST be used with them. This is to avoid the metal degradation of the engine due to dissimilar metals reacting with each other.

The anodes MUST be replaced annually to avoid engine corrosion problems.

The time proven Glind heat exchanger does NOT need this maintainence. It is a troublefree unit designed to give years of reliable use.

Glind has never had a claim made against it for engine damage caused as a result of its heat exchanger. It has past the toughest test of all - the test of time.

The Glind outer casing is glass filled nylon 66, which is the same material used to make top and bottom radiator tanks in modern vehicles, hence a greatly reduced surface area of copper and no risk to alloy engines. There are no moving parts in the Glind heat exchanger.

Glind is the sole patent holder and has been making their system for over 20 years now. Glind also makes 2 different under bonnet-mounted systems, and exclusive variants; a marine version specifically for inboard powered boats.

We make all Glind heat exchangers on our premises. If you want to know facts on engine driven hot water services, then Glind simply has more experience than the others do. When you do something for as long as we have, you get very good at it.

The Glind products won't cost you any more, and the build quality, component quality, experience and back up service of the team at Glind ensures you are buying the best.

Buy quality - buy a Glind.

Sole patent holders.
Join the leaders and don't play follow the leader.