Heat exchanger testing available on your old GLIND heat exchanger for $30.

The heat exchanger is an integral part of the vehicles engine cooling system.  As with all engine components, maintenance is vital. If your heat exchanger is old and you want it checked out, we have the facilities to provide this service for you. The exchanger needs to be removed from the vehicle and returned to us for testing.

We will pressure test it and give you a report on its condition. If the heat exchanger does not pass the pressure test and leaks are found, you will be offered a new heat exchanger as a replacement for only $300.00 for the standard Auto & Marine models or $325.00 for the John Guest version, which is $65 off the RRP of each, so existing GLIND customers are looked after.

How's that for after sales service!

Simply contact us and our staff will provide a form to send back with the unit. All you have to do is arrange to get the heat exchanger without any brackets back to us. We'll test and provide a report and the test results will determine the next course of action required.