Sand Filter MAXI 300mm


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This filter is for those with larger pressure pumps that need the extra volume.

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click here to see the Cape Yorker and Sand Filter in action

Glind  316 Stainless Steel filters are perfect for pumping water from sandy river beds like the Murray, or even bury it on the beaches like Teewah or Fraser Island and access fresh water from the water table that lay beneath the surface.

Use it to pump water for your campervan or camper trailer water tanks from just about any waterway.

Never have sand or debris enter your pump again; it’s the #1 killer of pumps.

This amazing little sand filter fits neatly inside a 20lt drum or can be fitted down a length of pipe to make your own Sand Spear.


Individually hand crafted right here in Brisbane from the highest quality 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel.


Virtually indestructible; with proper care you’ll never have to buy another one again.

Travel anywhere with total peace of mind that you’ll have a pump saviour for any water source.

Simply install one of these little beauties to the inlet side of your suction hose.


Effective Length: 300mm

Connection: 1'' Female BSP thread

O.D. : 37mm

Mesh details: 0.1mm/100 micron aperture

Manufactured locally in Brisbane from 1mm helically wound wire mesh and are full 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel.

Secure yours now.

Check out the boys below – they love the Sand Filter. It’s perfect for pumping clean water on the beach, washing and cleaning the days well earned catch of fish, showering or any other reason you need clean, debris free water.


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