Rule IL200 Inline and Submersible Pump




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Perfect for vehicles with onboard water tanks.

This a quality RULE product.

It also makes a great spare pump, whether it be for water transfer or showering.

Rule Pumps logo - Small pumps for little tight spots Rule IL 200 Inline Submersible 12V Pump

Rule IL200 pump
  • Pumps 765 lph at 14 psi (1 bar)
  • Fresh and sea water
  • Water systems to 60°C
  • Water transfer/clearance, deck showers, deck/anchor wash
  • Bilge clearance in tight areas
  • Intermittent rated. Should not be run for more than 20 mins and rested for equal time. Should not be run dry for long periods
  • Brush life 100 hours
  • Designed in England

*This pump is not suitable for petrol, petroleum products, or any product with a flash point below 37°C

Full Details
Suitable Liquids Fresh/Sea water
Operating Temps (max) Water: 60°C
Current 12V (2.8 Amps)
Head 7.6m
Flow Rate 765 lph
Outlet Size 1/2″
Pressure 0.96 bar (14 psi)
Brush life 100 Hours
Dimensions Length: 130mm   Diameter: 36mm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


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