GLIND Tempering Valve with all fittings and clamps



Add a tempering valve to your GLIND hot shower to avoid any hot spots, or have a supply of hot onboard water.

The tempering valve is pre set at 50’C.

Refer to the pics in the gallery to see how easy it is.

The Tempering Valve kit comes with all adapters and Tee piece (which are brass) and 6 clamps to suit 1/2″ hose.

It can also be used in conjunction with a Splitter Valve (sold separately) to have a heat on the run system where you can turn 1 arm of the valve on to recirculate your onboard water to have a supply of 50’C water while the branch to the shower outlet is turned off.

The Splitter Valve has 2 branches which can independently adjusted.

To avoid any pump overload, the genral rule of thumb is to work on heating the supply water at a rate of 6 minutes per 20l of water while driving.

When driving and the vehicle is under load, the engine is providing the maximum coolant flow and this makes heating water extremely efficient.

So, if you have a 60l water tank, run the pump for 20 minutes and this will be sufficient to heat your supply to 50’C.

Water pumps are not continuous, so turn your pump off, it has done its work.

When you arrive at camp, simply turn the tank branch of the valve off, and turn on the branch which goes to the shower outlet.



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