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Booster Pump

Booster Pump
Booster Pump
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The Booster Pump is back.....

These little recirculating pumps can be used as a coolant booster, or they can be used to recirculate the fresh water supply in an onboard tank for heating water while the engine is running.

 Click here to see a "how to" to heat water on the run. It's a neat idea for those who want to make their own DIY storage hot water systems.


Technical Specifications


12V Brushless

Operating Voltage:

9V DC to 15V DC

Maximum Current:


Pump Design:

Recirculating* Centrifugal


Magnetic - no seals

Operating Temperature:

-40°C to +120°C


-10°F to +250°F

Burst Pressure:

250 KPa (36 psi)

Flow Rate:

15 L/min (4 gal/min) at 10 kpa


245g (0.54lbs)

*A recirculating pump requires a positive head of coolant at all times - do not run dry.





Mobile Hot Water Solution



Heating Water on the Move, a DIY HWS

If you have an existing cold water system on your motorhome or boat, the addition of the hot water section of the illustration is required. The hot water tank can be made of aluminium, stainless steel, or a dangerous goods drum can be used.  These drums are inexpensive and readily available.


Every time the engine is started, the booster pump is activated and the water is heated. The pressure pumps in both the hot and cold water side should be Little Ripper Pumps (4.3 l/min, 35 psi).






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How It Works

The Glind Heat Exchanger is inserted into the vehicle's heater line. A robust 12 volt marine pressure pump draws water from any source, through a seperate line in the Heat Exchanger. The shower water does not mix with radiator water or coolant.

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