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GLIND Overlander

GLIND Overlander
GLIND Overlander GLIND Overlander GLIND Overlander
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The Glind OVERLANDER now features the





A hot water camping shower that runs off your 4WD !

Yes, wherever your 4WD can take you, be sure to enjoy the

great outdoors for days at a time with a Glind hot water

heat exchanger shower system.

 If you use drums, buckets, jerry cans or oboard tank water, then this is THE system for the outback bush travellers, where water is at a premium

The ultimate in four wheel drive and camping accessories. The Glind Overlander shower system guarantees the luxury of a refreshing hot or cold shower wherever you are….the outback, the beach, camping or touring.This kit includes 5 amp fuse, fuse holder, Narva Rocker switch, high quality Tridon stainless steel band radiator clamps for both 5/8" and 1/2" hose, 1 1/2 metres of quality Gates heater hose in both 5/8" and 1/2", nuts, bolts and washers to secure pump and eye lugs and other terminals, 80 screen inlet filter, hands free shower rose bracket, hospital grade 2.4m shower hose (with chrome plated brass fittings) and the best variable flow shower rose available.  The Glind Overlander with its water saving marine grade water pump is designed to be a perfect balance between water efficiency and power. This pump will run at 3.8 l/min at open flow and have a 35 psi shut off, more than enough for a great shower.

In fact, this is the system we use on our own vehicles.............

If you recirculate and pre-heat the water from a 20 l drum, this system will provide 2 really good showers. Simply wet yourself down, then shut the pump off by shutting off the Glind shower rose, then soap yourself up, then re-activate the pump by opening the flow control on the shower rose and rinse off. Too easy.

Look at these features:

  • This is the premium product in the Glind range. 
  • Designed for those who need to be able to draw water from a source up to the full length of a garden hose, then up a slope 1.5m high, then push the water that far too.
  • Great for that refreshing hot shower
  • Recirculate a bucket of water to get really hot washing up water
  • Ready to use at the flick of a switch
  • Only two hoses to carry
  • The Glind heat exchanger measures 355 mm long X 105 mm high as it sits on its mount bracket. Make sure you have enough room to add hose and hose bends to each end when fitting. As the heat exchanger is a sealed unit, the brass fittings CANNOT be changed or altered and pre formed heater hoses will be required for tight bends. These pre formed hoses are available from Glind (see Gates heater hose in the Accessories section).
  • Suitable for use on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder petrol and diesel engines, family cars, 4WD’s, trucks, buses, inboard boat motors, earth moving equipment, tractors, generators etc
  • Save on space - there is no additional equipment to carry such as gas bottles, gas cartridges, the Glind Original is with you where ever you travel
  • Save on van park fees - you have the best ammenties with you, enjoy the peace and quite of the bush.

Complete kit contains the proven Glind marine quality heat exchanger, a 12 volt marine grade Flojet pressure pump with an open flow of 3.8 l/min at 35 psi shut off, in fact every thing you will need to fit your Glind Aussie Car and Boat Shower to your vehicle. With a two year warranty on the Glind heat exchanger and 1 year on the Flojet pump, you can own the Original Glind Aussie Car and Boat Shower.

Thankfully the shower rose which is supplied with the Glind systems will provide excellent coverage with water use as low as 2 l/min.

Did you know that some heat exchangers on the market are prone to corrosion, or require sacrifical anodes to stop corrosion of your engine and your heat exchanger simply because of the material they are made from? That cannot happen to a Glind. Buy quality, buy Glind. 


Included at no extra cost, the pre-moulded GATES heater hose to make fitting even easier

 *** Postage anywhere in Australia for $12.95 ***

Standard Registered Australia Post for any Glind product and any quantity, Australian customers only


After a hard day of adventure, enjoy a hot shower in the great outdoors.

Adventure is great. Driving all day to get to your magical destination, unpacking the car, getting the kids organised. Setting up the tent, making a fire, eating your dinner… then it comes to getting the day's grime off you with a cold shower… ugh! Keep the kids happy, your wife happy and everybody comfortable with a Glind Aussie Car and Boat Shower and have hot showers for everyone!

Packs and Systems

If you’re looking for an entire pack to get your camping hot water system started, take a look at our amazing range.

Glind Original Hot Water System
Our original system has undergone many design changes and modifications over the years. Built to last in the tough Australian climate, this portable camping shower system is our best seller by a country mile!

With it’s easy install, instant hot water and a range of different options for fixing it to your vehicle, this little ripper will give you enough hot water to make sure you’re feeling clean and fresh at the end of the day. (Think how happy the wife will be!)

Glind Original (Low Flow Version) Hot Water System
If you do extra long treks or have a lot of people and water conservation is a high priority, the low flow version of our Glind Original is a must have.

With a special water saving rose (included) you can get a great shower at the end of a hard day's travel or adventure without using up your precious water supply. You might be out bush in the middle of nowhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the luxury of a hot shower, right?

Glind Cape Yorker 4wd shower
With options for only pressurised water or adding a heat exchanger for hot water (for showers, washing up, etc) the Cape Yorker camping shower gives you loads of options. If you frequent the top-end – particularly in the summer seasons, you will know that a cool shower is the best feeling at the end of the day, so this system will suit you down to the ground.

Add a Glind Heat Exchanger and you can have hot water for washing up and showering – the choice is yours!

Glind Cape Yorker (Low Flow Version) 4wd shower
Just like our original Cape Yorker but with the option to use a little less water. Great if you’re out on a long boating trip or need water to wash the dog, wash out the boat, clean fish or fill water containers, this little number is a great option. This hot water camping system with the addition of a Glind Sand Spear Filter means you can draw water from the sandiest, saltiest of environments. Buy online today and save!

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We are often asked what is the difference between the Glind and other systems. Some say that opposing systems are better, and most that appreciate quality, regard the Glind as the benchmark.

How It Works

The Glind Heat Exchanger is inserted into the vehicle's heater line. A robust 12 volt marine pressure pump draws water from any source, through a seperate line in the Heat Exchanger. The shower water does not mix with radiator water or coolant.

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